What to do for the day

I’m going to Church, and then… hmm… should I watch a movie? Pan is showing… Or, Martian? Or should I give my friends a call and hang out somewhere where there are lots of coffee… Or get a manicure to remove the pink polish on my nails, or a massage (nah!)

I feel too lazy… But that’s fine because it’s a Sunday! 🙂

Thank you Lord

What to do for the day

Books and Bakes for Boredom

Prepare to be amazed!
Well, not really, but I always wanted to say that at the start of the sentence.

Yay! 1 want-to-do down, 1,584,987 more to go!

booksandbakesforboredom or Books and Bakes for Boredom is my blog about Books I’ve read (and probably movies, TV series, articles, and other stuffs), bakes (well food really but I cannot find a synonym that starts with ‘B’), and how it helps me cope with Boredom (everyone gets that sometimes). So basically, it’s a book about me and my favorite stuffs.

Note to those who ventures to thy cyber haven, I get carried away sometimes so yeah… posts can get messy. Expect lots of possible rants, swooning, overemotional (could be nonsensical) reactions to assorted objects, parenthesis (yeah I love them), and coffee (cannot function without).

Aaaaaand… that ends my first post folks!

Hoping that my laziness will not prevent me from writing another post 🙂

Lots of Coffees!

BitterMage (My temporary username)

Books and Bakes for Boredom